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Makes insulin act like an anabolic steroid.

 Makes insulin act like an anabolic steroid.

Dieting is  more  than just calculating the percentage of calories burned.  and  manipulation of calorie consumption, insulin production. 
 Perhaps the key to an effective diet. Insulin manipulation is a useful tool 
 For those who are on a diet, especially for those who have difficulty losing weight for some reason 
 medical reasons. Anabolic diets use insulin as a means of gaining weight. 
 The amount of muscle needed to get rid of fat. The main goal of the diet is to reduce and maintain body fat  or even 
 increased muscle mass. Depending on the volume, the weight of a muscle is approximately 
 Twice the fat. Therefore, this diet  
 body mass. Increased muscle mass speeds up metabolism 
 Much easier. Your body will burn more calories without looking at food. 
 Eat or do  aerobic exercise. often bodybuilders 
 I eat about 5000 calories per day.  Growth hormone and testosterone are often referred to as powerful anabolic agents. 
 Insulin is often referred to as a fat storage hormone, but insulin is 
 In fact, it is  the most powerful anabolic hormone under certain conditions. 
 hatchet. In fact, many professional bodybuilders are known to get injections. 
 Insulin for big gains. However, this is not a practice that should not be done. 
 It protects against inherent risks and long-term health problems such as: 
 With the onset of diabetes and the onset of cataracts.  The anabolic diet uses several food combination techniques. 
 It's a hay diet, but it uses hormones to maximize muscle growth and shrink the body. 
 Thick. An anabolic diet involves alternating four diets
 Between high insulin therapy, intermediate insulin therapy, and low insulin therapy 
 and hungry mode


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