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It all starts with a shaker, a “scoop” and a bit of muscle. You

sprinkle the whole thing with a sweet mixture of rumors and prejudices and you

get a more than negative image of protein powder. I am here

to restore the truth and explain to you what this powder is for

perlimpinpin and how it should be used.

The fast-absorbing milk protein

Produced from whey (lactoserum), “whey” is a protein with

rapid assimilation allowing the metabolism of amino acids in the

half hour following ingestion of the shaker. The very principle of protein

powder is to bring a practical side to your snack (no

conservation constraint) as well as a very high protein quality. Whether

this powder is reminiscent of the "gonflette", it is no less essential

for muscle reconstruction, providing enough to repair lesions

post-workout muscle.

Protein powder is not essential. It is recommended because

quickly assimilated and digested (there are hundreds and not

only milk). One dose provides the equivalent of 100 g of meat, i.e.

on average 22 g of protein.

There are different types of whey: “concentrate” and “isolate”. The

difference between these two products is simply the content of

protein, which is higher in the first. The mode of production more

complex makes it possible to further purify the protein, eliminating the

lipid and carbohydrate residues to obtain the best proteins.

So there is no need to run away from those huge pots of powder, but rather,

thanks to this reading, to tame its use. I advise to

consume a post-workout shaker to take full advantage of the window

metabolism and optimize tissue recreation. A second shaker under

in the form of two half-dose doses (11 g of protein) may be added

on the morning and/or afternoon snack.

The big sister of whey, casein

Casein follows the same principle of use as whey. The goal is

to provide quality protein equivalence but this time at

slow assimilation (about ten hours of assimilation). The goal is to

provide amino acids over a longer period to nourish the muscle

continuously. This is why we will bring a dose of casein before

bedtime to take full advantage of the anabolic phenomenon during

overnight recovery.


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